Parkway Grill’s Donation Guidelines

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help in your cause. The majority of our donations are to local charitable causes or those helping students, athletes or civil servants.

Some of our favorite causes to donate to:


• Hospice of Wichita Falls

• Midwestern State University

• Northwest Texas Council BSA

• Safe Senior Nights

• Sponsorship of teams and team pictures

• Vernon College

• US Military

• Wichita Falls Area Food Bank

• Whispers of Hope

• WF Youth Symphony Orchestra

1. Our donations are limited to charity and civic organizations. Currently, we are not making donations to groups/organizations that are not charitable or civic in nature. 

2. Make your request 30 days before the event. Due to volume, all requests cannot be honored. Therefore, it is best to get your request in early.

3. You should hear from us within 30 days if your request is accepted or declined. 

4. We cannot take donation requests in December. If you have a need for an event taking place in December or January, please get your request in by November.